Marriage Matters


with Joe and Cindi Ferrini

A FUN, FAST, and INFORMATIVE 5 minutes with Ferrinis

Airs 6:05 and 8:05 a.m each Monday morning on WCRF

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They answer questions helpful to those  dating, engaged, and married!

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Expressing Feelings: Listen here

Marriage ENHANCEMENT needed – not an OVERHAUL!: Listen here

Biological Father devastated when told he’d walk his daughter down the aisle with the Step-Father: Listen here

“I need to know what ‘feelings’ are – my wife says I don’t have any!”: Listen here

When One Spouse Keeps Re-Setting the “Bar” – Changing Expectations: Listen here

Remarriage and concerns about “IT” happening again: Listen here

Intimacy-Quality? Quantity? Listen here

Marital Stresses When Parenting Special Needs: Listen here

Showing Love Year Round: Listen here

Frustrations in marriage with Social Media: Listen here

How to Work through a Disagreement: Listen Here

Making Our Spouse a Priority in the Everyday Busy-ness: Listen here

Strengthen marriage with men’s ministry and women’s ministry: Listen here

Thinking before speaking: Listen here

Planning goals for the NEW YEAR: Listen here

How to AFFIRM our spouse: Listen here

“Keeping up Appearances, While Covering up an Affair….”: Listen here

Do we need to YELL to communicate?: Listen here

Is Marriage for US? (Dating couple asks after dating for 4 years): Listen here

Second Marriage Priorites: Listen Here

Singles and Dating: Listen Here

Difficult Couple Needs Help in our Small Group: Listen here

Spouse Faces Chaos and Cruelty in Marriage: Listen here

Couple Disagrees about the Purchasing of Gifts: Listen here

Friendships in Marriage: Listen here

Financial/Inheritance Considerations for a Second Marriage: Listen here

The Wife says, “He just doesn’t get it!”: Listen here

Blended Family Challenges (Death of Both Spouses, not Divorce): Listen here

Connecting Sexually but Not Emotionally: Listen here

When the Topic of GOD Should be Brought up in a Dating Relationship: Listen here