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      New Release!
    Love All-Ways $13.99  $12.00
    Joe and Cindi write with candor, reality, and raw conversations as they share their journey,
    along with the journey of others who’ve contributed to their work, the importance of making
    marriage stronger in the process of raising one with special needs, caring for a spouse or other
    who requires care.You will read between the lines of these stories to maneuver your way through:

    Managing grief and finding meaning in the disability experience
    Getting “through” not “over” the special needs challenges
    Figuring out financial challenges
    Managing stress and maintaining a right perspective
    Validating each other
    Getting through overload and compassion fatigue
    Finding time for fun, sex, hobbies, and life
    Making necessary adjustments to finding a routine that works for you in your family
    unit (splendid, mended, or blended!)
    Protecting your marriage and the vows you shared

    …as they help you build a strong, healthy, and lasting marriage getting what you need, supporting
    each another, and working as a committed team in marriage and family for the long journey to
    leaving a legacy as you Love All-Ways!

      Busy. We’re all busy. Not so long ago we were promised that advances in technology would
    provide us the luxury of additional free time. Do you now have that luxury? Not a hand goes
    up when I ask audiences to whom I speak, “Who would like to be busier?” I’m convinced that
    we all need to press the pause button, take some time to quiet our hearts and souls, hear
    from God through His word, listen for His guidance, and speak to Him in the form of prayer.
    Please join me in the pursuit of quiet daily reflection as we Pause for Prayer together
    through this daily devotional. $12.00 $10.00

      No Regrets
    Cindi realizes that an honest mom will admit to desiring time for herself at the end
    of a full day. In No Regrets, Cindi writes poetically, capturing a mother’s heart and
    her  struggle to find that me time, that  free time for which she yearns, and the resolve
    she  discovers. Every mom will find herself between the lines of this story where her
    choices will not necessarily be fun, easy, or comfortable—but in the end, right.
    “No Regrets” (Softcover)$10.00 $9.00
      Balancing the Active Life **Updated**
    An interactive Bible study for men and women of all ages and stages of life!
    This study is designed to help busy people achieve better balance in their lives.
    It is a helpful tool to teach and learn how to prioritize the activities we believe
    God wants us to do! It can be used by individuals, small and large groups, and S
    unday School classes.
    Balancing the Active Life Workbook $12.00  $10.00
     Get it Together! 
    CMF Organizational Workbook Organize your life in a 3-ring, 81/2 by 11 inch notebook!
    This step-by-step workbook helps you “get it together!” Develop daily, weekly, monthly,
    and long-term plans specifically for your life. Learn how to work with your energy level.
    Prepare for Christmas, hospitality, your finances, and more! Lists, charts, and information is all included!
    Get it Together! Organizational Workbook $12.00  $10.00

      Unexpected Journey
    Accompany authors Joe and Cindi Ferrini on their journey to raising a son with
    special needs and caring for parents requiring special assistance in their later years.
    “Our friends Joe and Cindi have weathered some serious storms on their Unexpected
    Journey. If you’ve experienced disappointment, discouragement or the death of
    a vision, then this book is for you. Let them put their arms around you and
    encourage you regardless of where you are in your journey. You WILL find hope,
    courage and faith in these pages.”
    ~ Dr. Dennis Rainey,   President, FamilyLife
    Unexpected Journey $19.00  $15.00
    Handcrafted Bracelets 40.00
    Bracelets copyrighted by Cindi Ferrini; designed and and handcrafted  by Sandy Buffie.
    Each bracelet is individually created and signed on the inside just for you.
    They make great gifts for any occasion!
    (Custom handcrafted bracelets vary in width)
     By The Beach 12.00
    A set of 6 cards with envelopes and 1 postcard  of beach scenes originally painted in watercolor/acrylic by Cindi Ferrini
    Idyllic Italy
    A set of 6 cards with envelopes and 1 postcard of scenes of Italy originally painted in watercolor/acrylic by Cindi Ferrini
    Cleveland – Set One
    A set of 5 cards of Cleveland Ohio photographs by Cindi Ferrini
    Cleveland – Set Two 12.00
    A set of 5 cards of Cleveland Ohio originally painted in watercolor/acrylic by Cindi Ferrin

    Cleveland – Set Three $12.00
    A set of 5 cards of Cleveland Ohio photographs by Cindi Ferrini

    A set of 5 cards of Chicago photographs by Cindi Ferrini
    Chicago Card Set $12.00

    How special… $12.00
    A set of 5 cards originally painted in watercolor/acrylic by Cindi Ferrini

    By The Beach Stationery…$12.00
    A set of 5 cards originally painted in watercolor/acrylic by Cindi Ferrini