What We Want In Relationships Today

What we NEED and WANT

(And are looking for today in our relationships)


(The Ring Makes All the Difference by Glenn Stanton; page 26-27




  • Relationship, someone to spend our time with
  • Companionship
  • Real love
  • To be Understood
  • To be Valued-to be significant to another
  • Someone to share our life-our happiness and our tears
  • Someone to be there when we come home at night
  • Someone to rely on, to do life’s daily chores with
  • Sexual intimacy
  • Someone to confide in-and for them to confide in us
  • Someone we can try to make happy and be there for
  • Some who needs us
  • Someone who knows us like no other
  • Someone who is comfortable-who makes us laugh
  • Someone who wants to help us be better
  • Someone who can give it to us straight –but with love
  • Someone we can dump on from time to time
  • Someone we can trust and give ourselves to completely: emotionally, physically, sexually, materially
  • Someone who will not let us settle for what’s easy
  • Someone we feel would give up anything for us
  • Someone who will never give up on us
  • Someone we will never give up on
  • Someone who is crazy about us
  • Someone who will be there
  • Someone to become a parent with
  • Someone who is not just in it for themselves



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