Building Relationships

Building Relationships


Nature of the relationship

Quality of the relationship

Actions to take in the relationship


Only a few people will reach this level with us because of the depth of the relationship.



  • Committed
  • Faithful
  • (Spiritual)




  • Discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Open and transparent communication.
  • Freedom to listen, speak and act.
  • Committed to confidentiality.




  • Able to encourage, correct, confront and help them reach goals and dreams.


Fewer relationships in our lives get to this level.



  • Feeling
  • (Emotional)


  • Enjoy similar interests.
  • Plan things in common to enjoy together.
  • We ‘click’.


  • Spend time together getting to know them.
  • “Dig” deeper into the relationship, cultivating growth (asking and answering the why questions).


A great number of relationships in our lives fall into this category.



  • Intellectual
  • Factual
  • Familiar
  • Casual
  • (Mental)





  • Know casually.
  • See occasionally
    (usually unplanned).


  • Learn about them through initial introductions and conversations.
  • Asking and answering unobtrusive questions (who, what, where) to get to know them.


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