Questions to Help Balance the Active Life


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(Questions to ask yourself, your spouse and your children   before starting, ending, changing employment, outside activities, ministry work,   volunteering, etc.)


Questions to Ask Yourself:

1. Am I “caught up” with other priorities:

  • Sewing/Crafts
  • Cleaning
  • Inside my home/Outside my home
  • OTHER (your own list):

2. Do I feel like this is something I would LOVE to spend my time doing?   Is it a passion?

3. Is this the right season of my life to do/start this? (every season has   its beauty)

4. What is MOST important to me in my life? Does this blend with   it?

5. What am I LIVING for?

6. Am I LIVING as though what IS MOST important-is most important?

7. Will I use my spiritual gifts? Talents?

8. Is my home a haven that I have created or is it disorganized and a   hassle?

9. Does the Holy Spirit fill me, empower me, and direct me?


Questions to Ask Yourself about You and Your Spouse:

1. Is he in COMPLETE agreement? How do I know? Does he think it’s a   “winner”?

2. Have we prayed about it together?

3. Will he support me:

  • Emotionally (how….)
  • Physically ( “ )
  • Encourage you ( “ )
  • With time ( “ )
  • Financially ( “ )

4. Am I meeting his needs? Completely? Would he answer as I have?

5. Would he say he is a satisfied and fulfilled husband in our   marriage?

6. Will this work/job/ministry/activity enhance or hinder our relationship   together? Will this isolate us from each other or draw us closer   together?

7. Does the Holy Spirit fill, empower, and direct our   relationship?

Questions to Ask Yourself about the Children (discuss with them):

1. Will I have more/less time with them?

2. Can I still teach and train them like I want them to be taught and   trained? Will I have the time?

    • Behavior
    • Manners
    • Chores
    • Responsibilities
    • School
    • Spiritually
    • Character
    • OTHER

3. What will my children say about this (job, ministry, activity, etc.)   someday?

4. Will this job/activity isolate me from my children or draw me closer to   them?



1. Have I considered the financial start up costs? (ON PAPER)

2. Have I considered the risks to my finances, my family, my health,   etc.?

3. How long will it be until I “break even” and start making   money?

4. Why do I want/need the income? Will I see it as income initially or   will money continue to go back into the business or to paying childcare,   etc.

5. How much do I need to clear each month to make monthly payments we   have?

6. How much time/attention will this require? Do I have those hours in the   day?

7. What will I trade/give up to do this job? (Consider who will clean,   care for children, etc.)

8. Do I have a written plan of application of goals, projected dates,   etc?

9. What is my motivation, reason, pressure:

10. Am I attempting to:

  • Meet a need in my life
  • Find fulfillment
  • Find significance
  • Help financially

11. Where is God in this? (Not “is He in this”, but WHERE – be   specific)

12. What am I communicating by doing this? (independence, supportive,   rebellious, helpful, frustration, etc.) Is this what I want to   communicate?

13. Have I RESEARCHED the market? Or am I guessing?

14. Will this lead to any temptation? To greed? To lust? OTHER


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