What Conferees are Saying

Testimonies, thoughts and comments you would like to share with Joe and/or Cindi


Broadview Heights, OH

(Women’s Retreat Setting)

“Cindi was so easy to listen to.”

“Cindi was even better than I expected and I loved her relaxed, interactive style.  I felt she went in depth and kept it all very relatable and personal. I hope we can have her back again soon.” 

 Des Moines, Iowa (special needs venue)

Thank you for helping us to realize what our marriage truly means in this world. We were on the verge of divorce due to anger, lack of time together, illness, and special needs. You both made us realize the additional work we need to put in.

Des Moines, Iowa

 Joe and Cindi were relatable, kind, charming, dynamic as they shared the story of their lives.

Pocono, PA

Cindi’s personal stories connected me to real life!

Thanks to you both for your candor and ministry!

Joe’s humor allowed our defenses to be laid down so my husband and I could hear the truth of God’s word.

Since we have 2 disabled children, it was helpful to hear stories from Joe and Cindi about their challenges and creative ideas for making couple time with disabled children at home.

Nashville, TN

Joe told us the hard truths.

Loved how Joe and Cindi presented “blueprints” on marriage for me.

Loved the way serious topics were covered but we were able to laugh through it.

Asheville, NC

Great tools you gave me on conflict resolution, sexual intimacy and how to listen….as we prepare for a 2nd marriage for both of us.

I love “my marriage is my ministry.”

Their genuineness was easy to connect to appreciate that he has a child with special needs – makes his presentation more believable since he doesn’t’ have the stereotypical perfect AMERICAN FAMILY.


Chattanooga, TN

We are senior citizens and missed out on a great marriage in our young and middle age….but the rest will be awesome! THANK YOU!

We came “ready to split.” Thank you for being real, honest, and showing God’s principles with love. We are going to try again. ALL IN!

Joe wasn’t afraid to show his emotions or weakness.

I see changes I can make in my own marriage to thrive in this season instead of just surviving.

Bellingham, WA

Joe, Thank you for being so candid about your struggles and successes of being a father.

Sometimes hearing others failures helps us not feel like we are alone.

Cindi’s laughter, joy and sorrow all shaped in truth was enjoyable!

LOVED the props!

Anchorage, Alaska

They have allowed me to see the value in my marriage.

I greatly appreciated Joes’ transparency in the Dad talk.

Thank you for coming to Alaska and speaking at the Weekend to Remember! I am inspired by your brave openness, gracious honesty and clear integrity. Thanks for your invitation to stay connected!


Joe and Cindi Ferrini do a super job working together.

Joe was very real and transparent. He mixed humor with real life challenges.

They were both relatable, eloquent and humble.

Minneapolis, MN (2/23-25 and 3/2-4)

We loved Joe’s presentation style and wisdom. He was very funny, relatable and makes things easy to remember and connect to.

Cindi was relatable, approachable, God-fearing and a blessing. She was an inspiration to this young mom and wife; validated God’s design for women vs. “popular” worldly influences.

All the talks inspired us and gave us much needed discussion time in our marriage.


Sioux Falls, SD

I appreciated Cindi’s examples to verify that everyone has struggles and has thoughts that aren’t right or respond incorrectly at times. No one is perfect.

I have a lot of regret for how I’ve treated my husband and family over the last 20 years. How I wasted those years. BUT I have hope for a better future and the next 20. Thank you to the speakers!

Sugarland, TX

Being a younger couple with small kids it’s hard to see the forest through the trees. It was refreshing to hear a wife and mom from the other end of life.

We learned that we need to notice what is influencing us and to not let that just happen.

Joe and Cindi did a great job. Their attitude and energy are inspiring.

Joe and Cindi are relaxed natural speaker: funny and disarming (especially about sensitive subjects.)

I love that Cindi’s humor is a part of the presentation! She is real – not everything is perfect, and that’s normal (and Okay!)

Houston, TX

They were very informative and made me feel like a friend!

Joe opened my eyes to who I REALLY am as a person and how I treated my wife. It was so emotionally draining (for me) that I packed my bags twice; but I stayed. Each speaker kept me there.

Cindi encouraged me to prioritize my husband over my children. We are expecting our 1st (this was not modeled in my family growing up) so I know the outcome of not having right and biblical priorities.

Cincinnati, OH

Joe brought humor and deep passion in what he spoke and how he spoke to us.

Joe and Cindi make such a great team. They address issues that we all experience in a way that you wan to hear more! THANK YOU!

Cindi made it personal for me. She didn’t say it this way but “I AM A CONTROL FREAK!”

Cindi did a great job of sharing tons of great information but she was “real” and candid.

Cindi was uplifting even talking about hard things for me to hear.


Estes Park, CO

I loved their sense of humor and fun stories which made it easy to listen to and stay focused.

I enjoyed how they worked together on stage…a great inspiration.

I liked their talk on “intimacy”, some of the “sex tips” that were shared with great discretion.

I appreciated that Cindi addressed those of us without children using a verses from Isaiah.

Orlando, FL

Joe’s talk on being a godly father was incredible. He challenged me in a compassionate but no-nonsense way to “step up”! He was very engaging g and professional.

Seeing a mature marriage (in Joe and Cindi) that has walked with God and according to God’s perfect plan has helped me!

Joe’s quiet, direct matter of fact approach to sharing both about the material and sharing about his struggles was truly a blessing.

The combination of Joe and his wife was great! It was a well-rounded presentation!


Coeur d’ Alene

The “no shame” approach to the topic of sex (by Joe and Cindi) was refreshing.

Joe’s transparency in the men’s time was incredible and a challenge was thrown down!

Just hearing about another couples struggle was helpful. I think too many of us want to look “just so” and it keeps us from connecting with one another and with God.

Cindi’s ideas and practical application connected the dots for me.


 I appreciated Joe’s transparency and honesty about difficult ‘stepping stones” in his life. I enjoyed his mixture of humor and tear jerking testimonials.

 It helped me in my marriage watching Cindi’s ability to work well with her husband…and seeing the love and admiration she has for him and the joy she has in sharing her personal experiences.

Reston (Washington DC)

This WTR helped to open my eyes to see that my actions toward my wife needed to improve. Even thought I thought I was doing things right, I wasn’t. THANKS for saving my marriage.

I enjoyed their encouraging examples, especially personal ones of the family. We also liked having both the husband and wife speaking together.

LOVED their transparency and now we need to “keep it real!”

Despite the challenges in their life, the both demonstrated their commitment to marriage.

Sunriver, OR

I appreciated Joe and Cindi’s total transparency regarding their marriage. Joe’s talk to the pre-married men opened transparency between my fiancé and I…setting him greed from a sin with total confession.

I believe Cindi handled the situation of childless women very carefully and biblically. So many “Christians” don’t’ value or understand the calling of women like (those who help the Ferrini’s with their son with special needs and who’ve helped guide their daughters). When God calls us to serve other children instead of “our own” we are greatly serving Him and still His children….

Joes talk on fatherhood was really heartfelt. I see the need to be spending more time with my children.

Having a fellow female who gravitates toward being a leader speak about the part of submission was very helpful.


Branson, MO

I don’t have children, but I appreciated (during the “mom” talk) that Cindi added examples of what we also contribute (helpers, guides, contributors to others’ children and to spiritual children of our own.)

Joe had some excellent illustrations and I especially love the gospel presentation talk!

We thought it was great to have the husband and wife together. It’s a great example.

Chicago (Oak Brook), IL

Joe and Cindi make a great team. I thought they balanced each other and allowed my wife and I to learn and laugh a lot.

Loved the humor Joe offered. The sex talk (with Joe and Cindi) was very candid and helpful.

I am soon to be married and thank the Ferrini’s for not wasting a moment! EVERY story, illustration not only entertained us but contributed to illustration a point. They put flesh on the bones of truth.

Cincinnati, OH

I appreciated Joe’s message about the legacy I’m going to leave – very powerful.

I appreciated his humor but he was also very good at presenting the material in a way that I was able to understand it.

We appreciated that the older couple (Joe and Cindi) gave the sex talk – and were open!


King of Prussia, PA

Joe and Cindi shared genuinely in their presentations and we appreciated how they encourage us through their enthusiasm.

I appreciated the personal touch (and honestly) that makes us know “we can do it”!

Chattanooga, TN

Joe was so open and frank in conversation. Cindi was a joy and an inspiration! Their happiness resounds from the stage. I was moved and challenged!

Joe and Cindi communicated the intricate balance needed to romance my wife!

The Ferrini’s we relatable, very humorous and entertaining enough to keep my focused. They spoke from their heart. It was well presented they were well spoken!

Jacksonville, FL

Joe and Cindi gave us encouragement in our “blended” family situation.

Cindi encouraged us to be followers and completers in marriage rather than taking over the leadership. I enjoyed her personal stories! She was warm, personal, and truthful!

I feel like I always have my (3) kids character growth in mind as we raise them – but focusing on their identity was an “a-ha” moment!

Joe’s “DAD” presentation was awesome! He encouraged me to be active in my child’s life!

Poconos – PA

The Ferrinis talk on sex was funny AND open!

Joe’s talks (Dad talk especially): Dagger to the heart.

Cindi shared the importance of respecting my husband in front of the kids. If I’m nasty to him it reinforces how NOT to treat a husband and I now see their disrespect for him ultimately came from my disrespect. I contributed to that.

Excellent props – they were not afraid to be real and personal!

It was thoughtful of Cindi to urge us to be a mentor if we are in the stage where we ca help others.

I heard Joe speak 10 years ago…and he’s still GOT IT!

They helped me to know that everyone and every marriage will have its trials and challenges. The most important thing for your marriage is to find your way through it with God.

Boise, Idaho

Joe was very insightful, caring and genuine. He helped me  recognize it’s time to be more active in my legacy!

We’ve been married for 41 years and I was encouraged to know  that I should “never give up”!


Saratoga Springs, NY

All the topics with Joe and Cindi were excellent. I loved  the humor and personal stories which were helpful.

I loved the “realness” of the Ferrinis.

The issue of sexual intimacy was handled delicately, truth  fully, and biblically by Joe and Cindi. Thank you.

Fort Myers, FL

Joe and Cindi work well as a great team – purposeful,  heartfelt, and fun to listen to! We had lots of “aha!” moments!

I appreciated that Joe and Cindi demonstrate that they don’t  have al the answers and are real people.

Joe’s sharing of personal stories and experiences were  impactful.

Cindi shared great word pictures that I’ll remember long  after the conference. I appreciated her candidness.

Anchorage, AK

Thank you, Joe, for your vulnerability and transparency you  displayed.

Thank you both for being “real”!

This weekend made me see where we are falling short and why.

Dayton, OH

Appreciated Joe’s reminder to not take for granted the  simple and daily interactions with our kids.

Joe’s humor was well applied to  make points memorable

Cindi’s stories of success and  obedience were great to hear, but so were the stories of struggle, “door  slamming”, etc. which humanized her and made it easier to relate to her.

My husband and I have been  married for 27 years and we still are challenged with respect and submission at  times. Her message hit my heart and marriage.

I enjoyed the pre-married  sessions for the tips and advice!

Newport, RI

Joe and Cindi’s sense of humor during the “sex” talk was  just wonderful.
Their insights during tough times in their marriage helped me identify the  tough issues in my life.


Monterey, CA

Joe gave excellent examples and shared his own personal  experiences. I enjoyed his kind demeanor…very motivating “father-son” talk.

My husband appreciated knowing and being confirmed the right  way the toilet paper goes on the roll!

It was encouraging to learn from his wisdom and to see an  example of what it means to be a godly leader.

Chattanooga, TX

Joe’s fatherhood presentation was great. I am moved to make  changes.

Joe’s fatherhood talk for the men was quite impactful and I  don’t even have children!

Cindi’s stories are engaging and well delivered. The extra  encouragement to “read between the lines” and see how the lessons learned in  her life could be applied to mine was pivotal, too. (The more she spoke, the  more I wanted to hear.)

I appreciated Cindi’s example to make the information  applicable to our lives despite the many different places each woman in the  audience is in our lives.

Joe motivated me to be a better man in general – this  includes not only as a husband, but as a father for my daughters. Man to man  was my favorite session!

Cindi’s analogies, similes, and metaphors helped us get the  point and created a visual image to make the topic more understandable. Her  presentation was well prepared and organized…amazing visual to promote messages  and keep audience’s attention

Roger, Arkansas

This conference gave us hope-my husband and I are currently  living separately but after this weekend we will be slowly moving back in  together. You’ve made a huge impact on my life.

Cindi was encouraging, refreshing, and honest about the  challenges of motherhood and marriage. The material pointed to the Word and  God’s plan for wives, which we don’t hear enough of!

Joe encouraged me to NEVER QUIT being a hand of God, a  husband, and a leader.

I have been challenged to be more verbally appreciative of  my husband and what he does for our family.

I appreciated the humor used to break up the more serious  topics.

Joe made me, “want to go play catch with my son!”

I loved that you have a team of  people praying for us!

Nashville, TN

I  loved sensing that Joe truly cares about our marriages.

Joe  was honest and realistic.

I  was encouraged to “never give up”! I, too have a special needs child with  cerbral palsy, MR, and seizures. It is an encouragement to know I am not alone.

CLEVELAND, OH – 20 th  anniversary of Familylife in our home city!

We just want to thank you for the incredible opportunity to  reinforce our minds that we are making the correct decision to get married. We  spent a lot of time talking, praying, crying, and setting goals for our  marriage. Some of the tools we learned this weekend will truly help us start  our marriage out correctly. (Remarried/Premarried)

(We didn’t stay in the hotel) but coming home each evening  and doing our assignments made us communicate in a way that was so overdue. We  actually listened to each other. It was wonderful. As we renewed our vows I  couldn’t continue to speak. The tears ran down my face. The words had a deeper  definition this time around. They touched our hearts.

Joe was awesome because he made facts be facts! He was  funny! I loved it! He was clear and direct!

Cindi is very easy to listen to. Very sincere.

Joe has motivated me to become a better father through his  testimony of his family. His stories inspired me.

Thanks, Joe for being vulnerable and transparent with the  men and for sharing from your heart.

I loved Cindi’s use of visual aids and humor. Her honesty  made what she was sharing real and I was able to connect with her. Dynamic  speaker – her words impacted my heart.

Nashville, TN

One  couple at the end said, “We are going home today and telling our kids we  are not getting a divorce” it was powerful.”

We  are headed home – Renewed, encouraged, enlightened!!


St. Louis, MO

His use of personal stories really touched me. As Larry the  cucumber once said, “I laughed, I cried, it moved me, Bob.” J

Joe has a great sense of humor – kept me awake!

This was my 3rd WTR and the section regarding  fatherhood will/has changed my attitude and place what Gods priorities are for  me back in to their proper order. Thank you, Joe for that message!

Joe is a great model of loving and honoring his wife.  Reinforcing the need to surrender our control to the Holy Spirit and pursue  oneness with my spouse are two key “take-away” points for me. (He was more than  appealing…he was a blessing!J)

Hartford, CT

I appreciated hearing from Cindi that our marriage is our  ministry.

Joe was easy to follow and now I can apply the messages to  my own life. His own examples helped me  (including the pre-married  sessions)!

Their testimonies helped us, having gone through many trails  ourselves (deaths ofparents, loss of job, ministry losses, changes, illness  with chemotherapy, waiting for transplant….all affecting the family.) Joe’s  humble manner of sharing reflected the true character of Christ. After many  retreats, conferences, etc. in the past, this conference and speakers have  truly impacted!

Was good to see that Cindi, as she explained that she has a  “leader” personality, has made it a choice to follow her husband….and how she  does that.

Thanks for letting us see that marriage is not a 50/50  relationship.

I wish I could have Cindi on “speed dial”!

We heard that no marriage is perfect – it’s work. I think  many people believe if you have troubles in marriage, you should just divorce.  It was a great message to give women hope to fight for their family. (And for  men, too!)

Orlando, FL

Thank you for the Familylife Weekend to Remember! On our way  home Sunday, my husband stopped the car to hug and kiss me, saying, “WOW, I  have a lot of changing to do!” Thanks for allowing God to use you!

Hearing the Ferrini’s share examples from real life helped  take a concept and turn it into something that looked possible.

They both realistically present the dilemmas and trials of  marriage with God as a focus!

Joe’s presentations were always funny, yet the most moving.

Cleveland, OH  – speaking to group of special needs families

Thank you again for your ministry, your words of  encouragement, and all you offered to our families. I was delighted to see the response  to your offer to keep in contact with the parents (via newsletter). God bless  you!

Atlanta,  GA

We attended our very first conference this past weekend in Atlanta,  and I can honestly say that it was the best weekend in our nearly 25 years of  marriage.  I was so moved by your (Joe) openness to discuss your personal  stories…I have never been in the presence of people so willing to share their  joys and pain with complete strangers in order to further the Gospel.  I  am yet so moved by your fondest desire to play catch with your son after Jesus  returns that my eyes are tearing up with thought of you being able to see that  dream fulfilled in glory with our Lord.       You have been a blessing to us….thank you for all you (and your wife) have  done and continue to do…

Joe’s presentation on parenting was great…I left ready and  equipped to live without regrets.

Loved the humor and admission of mistakes made in your own  marriage – very helpful!

We attended our very first conference this past weekend in Atlanta,  and I can honestly say that it was the best weekend in our nearly 25 years of  marriage.  I was so moved by your (Joe) openness to discuss your personal  stories…I have never been in the presence of people so willing to share their  joys and pain with complete strangers in order to further the Gospel.  I  am yet so moved by your fondest desire to play catch with your son after Jesus  returns that my eyes are tearing up with thought of you being able to see that  dream fulfilled in glory with our Lord.       You have been a blessing to us….thank you for all you (and your wife) have  done and continue to do…

Kansas City (Overland  Park)

Joe is a good and powerful  speaker – uses wonderful word pictures and practical real-to-life situations  and examples.

Joe’s talk on being a husband  was very encouraging and helped me move toward oneness even though I really  didn’t feel like it.

Omaha,  NE

Wow! Wow! Wow! God has used  you in a mighty way – the dad talk – WOW! What a blessing. Myself included,  many of those big, strong men were having to wipe away the tears.

The most important part of  the weekend was Joe’s dad talk. I am a father who holds a grudge against my  father, and I have, without realizing it, begun to exhibit those qualities with  my children. This will be influential in changing my relationship with my  children.

My husband and I were ready  to throw in the towel after 11 years of marriage. My parents gave this  conference as a gift to us. I held out on sending in the divorce papers,  praying this would turn our marriage around….WE ARE RENEWED and doing better  already. THANK YOU BOTH!

Loved Cindi’s personal  stories…the poem….and the laughter!

I have a “difficult and  special” child. I was encouraged to nurture him and appreciate the special way  God made him by her example.


Sacramento, CA

Thank  you for speaking at the conference! You are both very gifted speakers. My  husband and I have been married five months now, and our beautiful daughter is  three months old…needless to say, we haven’t had the easiest start to our  marriage. The conference was just what we’ve needed. We truly enjoyed every  minute, and are making a conscious effort to apply all that we learned. Thank  you again for blessing us!

We  want to thank you and your family for sharing your time and lives with us this  weekend! This conference came at the perfect time for our marriage and allowed  us to take the “D word” off the table.

I enjoy  that Joe seems to be an average person…so I feel a sense of connection because  of his fatherly advice. It’s proven in his marriage and I’m willing to try what  he says a lot more.

I  appreciated Cindi’s transparency and openness. She related to all in the  audience whether mom’s or not.

I’m  logical and like fact and information, so Joe’s style was perfect for me.

Cindi presented the material  in combination with personal stories and anecdotes that gave real life example  to the material making it easy to understand and digest. She was toughing and  relatable!

Cedar Rapid, Iowa

Joe’s talk on fatherhood blew  me out of the water. Very powerful. Best part of the weekend for me.

Joe is a great speaker and  made me feel that my husband and I aren’t the only ones with problems and it’s  never too later to turn things around for the better. There is always hope.

I was dumbstruck by the  teaching that we are isolated from God without Jesus/the Holy Spirit indwelling  our bodies. Before we receive Christ, the isolation means no relationship with  God. Prior to this I was aware that God had not manifested Himself in front of  me in a burning bush, but the explanation of the isolation from the fall was  profound for me. THANK YOU!

Prior to this weekend my  husband and I had already talked with an attorney. The only reason I came to  this conference was because our church paid our way and I didn’t feel right  bailing on them. Saturday my husband received Christ and I recommitted my life  to Christ. I am excited to feel like we are starting this marriage over on  solid footing!

Peoria, IL
Joe challenged me to “step  up” and reclaim what God will complete in me as a father.

In all the years I have  attended these “type” of programs, I always feel the speaker is “above” me and  has it “all together”. Cindi, however, is so transparent she immediately makes  one feel she’s “one of us” – absolutely wonderful!

You could tell Joe’s heart  was in everything he said. I was convinced these principles worked for he and  his wife.

Cindi used examples in her  own life and let us know that she is human and has struggles just like us. She  was “real” – not perfect.

The “sex” talk given by Joe  and Cindi gave us valuable information from a Christain perspective.

The sex talk helped us to  have a sex talk!

Washington,  DC

Joe’s sharing his personal  hardships were excellent tools of encouragement and examples of love. His wife  is superb and they are wonderful people.

Joe was very vulnerable in  his sharing about his personal life/walk with God, his wife, and his family. It  was easy for me to connect with him.

Joe’s presentations were  awesome. I laughed, cried, and learned all at the same time!


 St. Louis,   MO

I thank Joe for being real and open; for sharing wonderful stories and how to   be a man in marriage.       Cindi was so real with her words. She did not talk down   to us as if she was perfect, but with us as if we were all the   same. I enjoyed her personal stories about her daily struggles and her family   because it made me know that my family as well can be more Christlike. During   the high energy session we laughed, shared, cried, and I left the session   changed!

Joe’s speaking was powerful—his words kept building and making more and more   impact as he spoke. His personal life story had a huge impact on both husbands   and wives.

I was reminded through Cindi’s presentation, that I have a choice to   respect and honor my husband and that I need to always be looking for something   to respect him for. I appreciate that she provided Bible verses that support and   encourage this.

Baton Rouge,   LA

Joe spoke on a personal level and related real-life situations well.  He was   extremely encouraging, humble, and motivating.       If more families came to   Familylife conferences the divorce rate would decrease significantly.  I hope   they continue to influence and change families by doing such a great job!       My   husband said the “MAN TO MAN” session was “very powerful”!

Palm Beach,   FL

Joe’s “DAD” talk was heart-wrenching, and very touching.  It almost made me   cry (but the room is full of guys – c’monJ)!       Cindi encouraged me to honor and   respect my husband even when I don’t want to or thinks he deserves it. She was   sincere, down to earth, spiritual, approachable and teachable.       Cindi was   funny, relevant, poignant and real.       I appreciated the way Joe and Cindi   presented the “intimacy” talk.  I was glad to have my wife there to hear that   it’s not just “me” who feels the way I do.       Joe and Cindi did a fabulous job   in the main sessions and with us in the pre-married sessions.  Thank you for   sharing your life with us.

Kansas City (Overland Park),   KS

Joe’s honesty, sincerity and willingness to show real, spontaneous,   unhindered emotion about his son is wonderful to see!

I like Joe’s humor and liked watching him interact with the conferees after   each session.

My sister has a 12 year old with special needs. Your stories opened my eyes   to what she might struggle with as a parent of a child with special needs.

Cindi motivated me to begin asking my husband each morning what he has going   on that day that I could pray about for him…then support him with prayer   throughout each day.

I appreciated Cindi showing how she turned to the bible to lead her when   dealing with her children.

Often we don’t hear or see the struggles that others have in parenting, so   our “perfect” “plastic” Christianity makes us feel like we are alone at times.   Joe and Cindi showed us that we are not alone and there is hope.

Vicky Kelly  of Kansas City wrote:       (Familylife Weekend to Remember   Conference)

We dropped off our youngest, Jonah, special needs, just 3 years old.  We had   never left him overnight.  The longest we’d ever been away together was the   night we were married & we stayed one night at the Holliday Inn Holidome.    Only had one child at the time.  I was apprehensive leaving him, even though the   friends we left him with are very gifted caring for little ones, especially   special needs.
Soon as we got there, he climbed off of my lap &   roamed their small home.  And, was as happy as he could be!   I had a weight   lifted off of my shoulders!  We got back into the car having reassured him that   we’d come back on Sunday (we are not 100% sure of how much he understands but I   believe it’s far more then we can know at this point with him being   nonverbal).       One of my favorite God moments involved the testimony we got from   the speaker (Cindi Ferrini).  She & her husband Joe have a 26 year old son   with cerebral palsy & a lot of mental “disabilities”.  He requires a lot of   care & does live at home.  All of their children had received Christ as   Savior at the age of 3.  When this little guy was just 3 years old, and   nonverbal I might add, one day he was pounding his chest over his heart.  He’d   been witness to the way his family lived in their home putting Jesus as #1.  She   was baffled but figured out that he might be asking about asking Jesus into his   own heart.  She asked him if that is what he meant.  He nodded yes!  Oh boy I   might say at this point I started dripping from the eyes.  And, the gasps around   the room! Wow!  She helped lead him in prayer & he accepted the Lord.  Then   she asked him where Jesus was.  He pointed to his heart.  Oh my!  By now I was   literally almost sobbing.  This gave me so much hope.  And, a stronger desire to   really start living all of this out in front of my own little 3 year old,   Jonah.  All of our children are saved at this point except Jonah.  It gave me a   hope that he will be able to understand!  Jonah is less disabled then their   little boy.
We had a time of prayer where the salvation message was   presented.  I did battle with a plugged right ear (more on that later in the   post) so could not hear 100% but I knew others were praying along.  Then the   idea of praying every day to be filled with the Holy Spirit was presented.  This   was something new to us.  And, SO helpful!  Rephrase that, VITAL.  Both Tom   & I prayed along.  On Sunday morning as I exhaustedly took a quick bath, I   prayed again.  And, I prayed that a team of angels be around me & my   marriage.  And, an army of angels around the entire group.  Well this was funny   in that Cindi herself made mention to praying like that over the years   especially over her son!  I thought to myself, whoa, I AM on track!  I had not   had that idea really presented to me.  I’ve prayed for guardian angels at times   when I knew there was  a trip or someone was taking a trip or having surgery.    But, I’d never had thought to pray like this in a big way.  Folks, there is   power in the Holy Spirit & God will send angels to protect you!  Ask &   you shall receive!
By Sunday I was totally info overloaded.  But, the   woman-to-woman talk was great!  It was my favorite.  So later I asked Tom what   his favorite session was.  His was the man-to-man talk & it was not focussed   at all on physical things!  As I sat there & listened I was convicted on   several things & also learned a lot……..

Chicago (Merrillville, IN )

I appreciated Joe’s genuineness, authenticity, and sincerity.  He’s real – no   fluff!

Cindi showed and demonstrated that she is human and makes mistakes, too, yet   it’s evident that she lives her life how she tells (recommends) us to – God   first, husband second, children third.
They have a good perspective on   the “long haul” of marriage.

Fairhaven (Dayton) CMA – Valentines Banquet
The speakers had a great message. I felt they strengthened   every marriage or relationship in the room. The speakers were very good and   transparent. Speakers were genuine and spoke from their heart, not a book.

Estes Park,   Colorado

Two weeks prior to this conference, I told my husband I could no longer stay   in our marriage.  I felt there was no hope for us.  This conference gave us hope   again!  We are taking with us some incredible insights about ourselves, each   other, and most of all a renewed commitment to each other.  WTR has truly saved   our marriage!  Thank you! Human Services/Business Married 12   years.

We came to the conference with a brick wall between us.  Emotions, grudges,   communication breakdown with a 23 month old son in the center.  I am truly   grateful to Family Life because I believe with the help of God in our lives we   are truly back on the right track.  Daphne has never meant so much to me as she   does now.  She is my gift from God. Business Owner (Window   Washing) Engaged

A blessing beyond my expectations or even hopes.  Even after 38 years   together, we found more benefits, tools and examples that helped us than I could   have imagined. Manufacturing Engineer Married 38   years.

It has changed our life.  I am so excited to go home to live it.  You brought   the romance back and the feelings I get when I see him across the   room. Homemaker/mother Married 16 ½ years.

It is the first time that everything in my life and marriage makes sense.  It   was the giant puzzle piece that was missing.  My role and responsibility in my   marriage is so clear now.  The problems we were having make sense and how we fix   them is clear. Telecommunications Engineer Married 1 ½   years.

The material presented was clearly biblical and there were several “light   bulb” moments that helped clarify areas where our marriage was “clogged”.    Encouraging and hopeful and fun! Homemaker/Business   Owner Married 7 years.

When my husband and I came here this weekend we were at a real low point.  I   had even mentioned the “D” word to my own shame.  I had bought into Satan’s lies   and instead of turning to God I was giving up on my marriage and my spouse.    This weekend has changed that.  I see my sin and have repented of it.  My heart   has been renewed and I thank Family Life and it’s awesome speakers and   God. Bookkeeper in Home Office Married 18 years.

The weight of the world has been lifted off of my heart.  It is the beginning   of a new life and relationship with my husband and I.  I am so excited to get   back to life and use all the practical   applications. Firefighter Married 5 ½ years

This ministry is glorifying God.  What you do honors the Lord, saves   marriages, and saves families for generations to come.  This saved my marriage   in 2005. Oil Field Married 12 years.

Being married 52 years, it was still a great help.  Even with a strong   marriage there are always conflicts.  At this age there will be a lot of change   in the next 5 years so listening and communication will be so   important. Occupation not given Married 52   years.

Joe made dynamic use of personal experiences to share with us.       His quiet   demeanor, deep dedication to his family, and his love for Joey helped me in my   own marriage.       I loved that he was transparent and sincere which establishes   an atmosphere of trust.


Fort Myers,   Florida

Joe motivated me in several ways with the use of the word HOPE in relation to   starting new habits, managing our marriages and recognizing that sexual intimacy   is a total person form of communication.  I personally appreciated his   whole-hearted devotion to God and His word, and was touched by his personal   story and how powerful it is in reflecting God’s glory showing that Christians do suffer, sometimes greatly, yet by God’s grace, they can survive   and so can their marriages.  I appreciated hearing that it was never fun   or easy, but that God was always there.
Cindi helped me to realize that   motherhood and marriage are not one-sided, and that you can ask for help – even   when your husband isn’t listening, God is.
Cindi encouraged me to “stay   plugged” in to the Holy Spirit, and I was challenged by the question, “Are you   willing to discover who your husband is rather than decide who he is?”
I   loved the “Dad” talk.  Joe made me even more excited about my   children!
Joe and Cindi spoke from the heart and we really felt like they   cared about each marriage and person there.

Woodland Hill (LA) California

Cindi was real and helped me to know I’m we all deal with conflicts.

Joe and Cindi were excellent in the hope they have given all of us in how   faithful God is to carry us through the most difficult times of our lives and   how He uses those times to strengthen us, change our character, and make us more   like Him.

The men’s session was fantastic.  It refocused me!

I was single for 38 years – thank you, Cindi for the encouragement about the   role of adult singles – they need to be acknowledged.

Joe’s testimony is so powerful, and his own brand of humor drew me in.  My   fiancé and I tremendously enjoyed the interactions between him and his wife.

I loved Cindi’s props, poise and poem, expressions and pregnant pauses at key   moments!


Blaine, Washington
I just want to thank you, Joe and Cindi, for the time you   spend speaking with Familylife.  My husband and I attended the conference and   you don’t know how relieved I was to hear your background and to find out you   (Cindi) were the speaker for the woman.  I am a mother of a 6 year old girl with   mental and physical disabilities and I was so worried I was going to be told to   “suck it up and be a super-mom and wife” by someone that had not been down my   road.  The fact that you’ve been down that road and back, was so great!        Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work.

I appreciated Joe’s practical and rational presentations that made sense to   me on a very personal level.

Joe is easy to understand and believable, sharing with frankness, honesty and   courage in relating his own difficulties in being a father.

Cindi’s presentations were simple, bite-sized concepts in a story telling   manner that I will actually remember!!  I really enjoyed her time with us…it was   my favorite part of the weekend.

Cindi had practical ideas about supporting and respecting my husband in a   powerful testimony in a welcoming manner.

Miami, Florida

Joe helped me to appreciate my wife’s differences and to not see them as   faults.

I appreciated Joe’s sincere approach to issues like his father, son,   daughters, and wife. The fact that he’s praying for us and his church is praying   for us (the conferees), along with his openness, helped me to be open to asking   him questions.

Joe showed me that I need to deliberately set aside time for my wife.

Tuscon,   Arizona

Thank you, Cindi, so much for your transparency and example of life in the   “real” world.  Thank you for being careful to follow a biblical example in all   of your topics.  (C.K.)

Joe’s “Dad” session on spending time with our children was exceptionally   powerful and emotional.  I appreciated his reminder that everything we do must   be “God” centered!  (unsigned)

Knowing Joe and Cindi’s experiences and trials makes their presentation all   the more powerful.   Thanks you both being honest about your true feelings and   frustrations.  Your candid comments helped propel our personal conversations and   plan for action.  (unsigned)

Appreciated your honesty and transparency as you shared together in the   INTIMACY talk!

Shreveport,   Louisiana

God really used you, Cindi, when you spoke to the women.  I felt as though   you were speaking just to me.  You gave me the pep talk I needed to continue   on.  (A.F.)

I’ve heard before, a lot of the things that Cindi shared, but I was not very   receptive in the past.  Cindi put things into a language I could accept and   understand.  (S.S.)

Cindi is well-spoken, open, approachable, and sensitive to a wide variety of   personalities and issues.  (P.A.)

Joe and Cindi are a blessing to the Familylife Ministry… so real, warm,   caring and encouraging.  I loved Joe’s illustrations.

I appreciated Joe’s comment that we are sending our children as messengers to   a time we’ll never see.  I also was very touched when he shared that he has a   team of people praying for us at home in Ohio.

Joe’s passion for marriages is refreshing and it’s obvious that he truly   wants to reach and help others become Godly people in their marriages.     (K&J W.)

E. Springfield,   Pennsylvania (The Federated Church)

Thanks again for giving of yourselves on our behalf.  Your presentation was   well done – filled with good information, lots of humor, and challenging to all   of us! (Pastor Rick P.)


Boston,   Massachusetts

Cindi is an honest speaker, not afraid of the truth, and pleasant to listen   to.

I’m excited to use her time management book!

Joe has a great sense of humor and impeccable timing.  He is very sincere and   an excellent speaker.

Austin,   Texas

Her gentle yet motivating session on the roles of woman as wives and mothers   has helped me want what God wants to bless each of us with.

Thank you, Joe, for changing my life.  I will never forget your message of   faith and hope!

Her words are wise and straight from the heart.  It is easy to see her   passion for Christ through her life.


Omaha,   Nebraska

The intimacy talk with both Joe and Cindi was excellent!  It really helped   hearing a woman’s perspective.

Thank you, Cindi, for the reminder to do things God’s way, not the culture’s   way.

Hearing how Joe and Cindi have handled the challenges of their son’s handicap   was very motivating in my role as a mom.

Columbia, South   Carolina

I liked that she said she doesn’t have all the answers and that she has areas   of struggle.

Sacramento,   California

God has truly blessed Familylife with an awesome husband/wife team (in Joe   and Cindi).  They inspired my wife and I to become a couple that reflects the   image of God.

Joe was an awesome speaker. I enjoyed listening to him tremendously.  He was   straightforward sometimes, and humorous at other times which kept my interest   while informing me and entertaining me.

Joe is a powerful, transparent, and intelligent speaker.


Allentown,   Pennsylvania

I was able to recognize that my husband cannot be the leader if I am. If he   doesn’t choose to lead – I must wait, support and help him, even if he fails,   and move on.

I enjoyed seeing Cindi interact with Joe, especially as they did the intimacy   talk. Thank you for sharing on that challenging topic.

Tampa,   Florida

Joe is very real, kind, and has a loving attitude.  He is a true reflection   of God.

 Stockton,   California

I am grateful for Cindi’s gentle spirit and transparency as she taught us to   keep on “keeping on”! As we watch our young adult son struggle with serious   consequences of bad and sinful choices, we pray to wait on Him for the “rest of   the story.”

Pittsburgh,   Pennsylvania

Her presentation really opened my eyes to the fact that I have put so many   other things before my husband. I plan to ask my husband to forgive me and I   commit to put him first in my family relationships.

Joe and Cindi are an inspiration to all marriages.

2002 Cedar   Rapids, Iowa

I’ve been married 32 years and still learned a lot!

I appreciated that Cindi was real with us by sharing the victories and   challenges of being a wife and mom.

 Colorado Springs,   Colorado 

If a speaker can make me laugh and cry while holding my attention and   teaching me something, she’s done an outstanding job. Way to go, Cindi!

Syracuse, New   York

You communicated the role of a Christian wife in a humorous, yet heartfelt   way.

Cindi covered the tough subject of submissiveness in a non-threatening,   example-filled manner.

You have inspired me to organize and prioritize to meet my family’s daily   needs.


Fort   Wayne, IN       Thank   you for the biblical clarification on submission as it gets taken to opposite   extremes at times.

Thank you, Joe and Cindi for speaking about intimacy.  Great job on a   difficult topic.

Thank you for helping me realize that how I have treated my husband will be   the example for my daughters about how to treat their future husbands.

I realize, now, the importance of taking the time to STOP-LOOK-LISTEN in my   family relationships. I also better understand the need to go to God first and   not other people when challenges arise in my marriage and family.

Estes Park,   Colorado

Cindi really made me take a hard look at the question of whether I am meeting   the needs of my husband and children because of an overloaded schedule. I have   some tough decisions to make. My role has been very cloudy by a former marriage   and period of time as a single mother. I have held a lot of resentment towards   my past spouse and it’s spilling over into my relationship with my present   husband and children. The Lord is doing a work in me.

It was nice to hear a biblical reference about parenting as that is often an   area I feel I’m not doing the job I would like to.

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