Personal and Family Profile Questions


Personal and Family Profile of ______________________

(complete given name)


Share about your birth and include anything you know about your birth (date, place, labor, delivery, etc.)



What is your earliest memory?



Share some of your fondest childhood memories:



What music did you enjoy that was popular when growing up? Dances you remember? Songs you loved?



What was your family life like in your younger years?



How did your parents “parent”?



What types of conveniences/appliances did you have in early childhood?



Share some of your childhood school and special memories:





Who were your friends and what were they like?



What jobs did you hold?



What hobbies did you enjoy?



Who influenced you in these years?



Famous people who stand out in your memories:



What political interests/views did you have?



Share some “dating” memories:



What was popular (clothing, dances, songs, music, etc.)



What was your religious instruction and upbringing?



Anything you’d like to add:





Did you go to college? (Share about your studies.)



Jobs you held:



Hobbies you enjoyed:



People who influenced you:



Political Interests:



Your engagement details:



Your wedding details:



What advice would you give young people on marriage?





How old were you at the births of your child(ren):



Share about your labor and deliveries:



How did you choose their names?



How did you raise your children (goals, obstacle, discipline, etc.)



What you liked most about raising children:



What you liked least about raising children:



Fond memories of times with your children:



Advice to young people on childrearing:



Anything else you’d like to add:



Jobs you held during your marriage and memories about them:



What do you/did you look forward to in retirement? How did you/do you spend retirement?



What do you believe was/is your purpose in life?



What words of wisdom and/or advice would you like to tell your grandchildren and their children….