Feeling Words



Feeling Words (c) Gary Sweeten



Sad Glad Afraid Confused Ashamed Lonely Interested
Bothered Down At ease Uneasy Unsure Concerned Uneasy Drawn to
irritated Blue Secure Apprehensive Curious Discomfort Left out Attracted
Displeased Somber Comfortable Careful Uncertain Akward Lonesome Friendly
Annoyed Low Relaxed Cautious Ambivalent Guilty Disconnected Connected
Steamed Glum Contented Hesitant Doubtful Embarrassed Remote Empathic
Irked Despair Optimistic Tense Unsettled Humiliated Cut off Esteem
Frustrated Worn Out Satsified Anxious Hesitant Dirty Ignored Respect
Angry Melancholy Refreshed Nervous Perplexed Violated Excluded Excited
Fed Up Unhappy Stimulated Edgy Puzzled Regret Unwanted Appealing
Disgusted Dissatisfied Warm Distressed Muddled Violated Isolated Inspired
Indignant Gloomy Snug Scared Distracted Chaotic Rejected Anticipate
Ticked Off Mourning Happy Frightened Dismayed Defiled Deserted Alert
Fuming Grieved Encouraged Afraid Fragmented Torn Outcast Amazed
Irate Dejected Proud Agitated Dazed Degraded Abandoned Affection
Incensed Lousy Cheerful Alarmed Lost Devastated Desolate Vibrant
Enraged Defeated Thrilled Frantic Bewildered Loss of Face Forsaken Fond
Explosive Depressed Delighted Terrified Stunned Suicidal Turned on
Ecstatic Horrified
Aghast Zealous

© Dr Gary Sweeten
Sweeten Life Systems

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