Consultation Fee

One on one consulting available on a fee basis in one hour increments.

Consultation Topics:

  • SPEAKING and WRITING: Pursing Your NEXT RIGHT STEP speaking (in a public setting) and writing (blogs, articles, messages, books)
  • MARRIAGE – Mentoring: helpful guidance for a husband and wife willing to work at marriage overcoming simpler issues (this is not counseling – but we can help you find a counselor)
  • Time/Life Management – Consulting on how to best use your time, talents, and treasure as you seek to balance the life you live
  • Leadership Development – A broad spectrum of topics can be discussed – contact us for direction so it “hits the mark” for where you’re at
  • Ministry Development – A broad spectrum of topics from which to choose
  • Special Needs related conversation – no fees, let’s just arrange a time to talk!

Once you’ve purchased the desired amount of consultation time, please fill out the following form to establish a scheduled time for our discussion. Please include any information that would help in contacting you and scheduling…thank you!

Please make sure you also specify whether this session is to be with Joe or Cindi: