Marriage/Special Needs Questionnaire

We are delighted to share with you that we have secured a book agent who is excited about our desire to write a book about MARRIAGE in the context of caring for one with special needs. We’d love to have YOU help us with answering some questions as we prepare to write!

To receive information about our soon to be written book covering topics encouraging couples to STAY married and have a THRIVING healthy marriage through caring for one with special needs, possibly get a free book, and to help others by your willingness to answer these questions, please fill in this information. Your name will NOT be used in the book, but your comments might be. They might be used “as is” or it might be edited to better conceal the identity of the one who wrote it or clarify a point being made. If you read our book UNEXPECTED JOURNEY – When Special Needs Change Our Course, we plan to set it up similarly with contributors’ comments being in “bulleted” form. THUS, feel free to answer our questions in incomplete sentences yet with clarity to your thoughts and points.

You don’t have to answer every question, but please know that the more you answer and the more detailed you are, the more helpful your comments will be in the final product of this book. Our goal is to HELP and ENCOURAGE others in “our shoes”!

We thank you for the time, energy, love, and willingness to help others!


The questionnaire is found here; return through the email address found in the document … thank you!