Quarantine FunHouse!


_____House 1 – Enclosed deck

  • Café’ Vienna and whipped cream
  • Soft fluffy bed with lots of covers


_____House 2 – Big Outdoor Open Deck

  •  Black coffee but coffee bar specialties accessible
  • Tree swing, fire pit, arrow and gun shooting spot


_____House 3 – Big yard ready for company

  • Favorite beer and some wine
  • Cozy indoor gas fireplace


_____House 4 – Tiny condo

  • Warmed cider
  • Weighted blanket


_____House 5 – Porch/Deck Rocking Chairs-lots of them

  • Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows and S’mores
  • Fishing Pond and Fire Pit


_____House 6 – Room with ballet bars and a home gym

  • Fruit smoothie
  • Shower with steam room


_____House 7 – Library with books wall shelves on all four walls

  • Tea and lemon
  • Quilted blankets on the comfy couch


_____House 8 – Art room

  • Favorite glass of wine
  • View of the outdoors: trees, tiny creek, sunsets


_____House 9 – Indoor/Outdoor swimming pool

  • Fancy drink with umbrella toothpick holding fruit
  • Beach blanket, soft pillow, sunscreen


_____House 10 – I’m stickin’ with what I have (describe):



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