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READING TIME: 1.5 minutes….so you can get busy doing something else! 🙂


Sadly, I am guilty of procrastinating. And I usually KNOW when I’m doing it!

Yes, when I feel frustrated, not meeting my goals, when I find myself wasting time, missing deadlines, or I’m feeling less productive….I’m usually procrastinating. That feeling of, “I don’t want to do ‘that’, but I need to do to ’that’, but then I don’t” – or I find something else to do. I can identify those feelings and frustrations that go with procrastination, and I can as easily identify what happens when I stop procrastinating and start getting down to business.

I know if I’m PRO-active (rather than, PROcrastinating) I’ll take action on things I’m avoiding and as I continue doing that, life starts to come to order, my goals will be met, I’ll even have more free time, my tasks will be completed, my to-do list will be checked off, and I’ll feel more productive. In generaly, I feel better!

I have a lot of things I “say” to myself to justify procrastination, but in reality that “justification” is just a nice way of saying I’m making excuses. Join me as we evaluate whether we’re PROcrastinating or PROactivating:

If you say:                                                                  Then try this:

I dont’ have time                                                        Spend 30 minutes on it

I dont’ like doing it                                                    Do one thing you like, one you don’t

It takes too long                                                         Time it – you’ll be surprised

I’ll do it later                                                                Do it during your “prime time” of day

I’ll put it away later                                                   Put it away now – your done

Only I can do it                                                           Instruct/teach others how to do it

I don’t want to do it                                                  Delegate, barter, hire

I don’t want to start it                                             Work 30 min. each day ’til done

Something else is more important                    Re-evaluate/Reprioritize

It must be done my way                                        Get a life! That’s only in movies.

So….now that I FINALLY have this blog done, I can cross it off my list. I feel good. What will you get busy and do today!? Dont’ procrastinate!

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