Ban “BOSSY”? (WOW!=Write.On.Wednesday!)

While listening to the “oldies” station bringing my son home from work, I heard the PSA (I think that’s what they’re calling it) about banning the word bossy. I looked up the link and provide it for you ( if you want to check it out. They’re saying they are “encouraging girls to lead,” but I think it goes a little deeper than that. I’ll let you make your own decision as to whether or not you’ll embrace it, as will I make that determination for myself, but I think I’d like to ban other things that might help society in a deeper and more meaningful way and actually accomplish what I think are they trying to accomplish in the long run.

For starters:

Let’s ban the term retard. Let’s ban it in our speech because it’s really making fun of others and ourselves at the expense of those who are simple and lovely. I have a son who is simple and lovely (cerebral palsy, epilepsy, slow of speech, low verbal skills, needs full time care, etc.) and he has taught me more than any professor I ever had in college, any pastor from whom I listened and learned, any friend who gave advice, yep – he’s taught me more than most anyone.

Let’s ban divorce.  I think our kids might be less messed up and struggling if we stopped being selfish and sinful wanting to pursue our own lusts and lives. We need to grow up and take on the responsibility for that which we vowed – even if it means (and it will) that we have to be the first to make changes to our life to get it on track. (I know there are exceptions…we work with marriages and some sadly aren’t able to be saved because of rebellion, self-centeredness, self-destruction, selfishness…I could go on. I get it….there are expections.)

Let’s ban words that hurt others – whether it’s a particular group being targeted or a person we’re aiming to put down. We need to treat others with gentleness and respect…and kindness. Who wants to go first?

Let’s ban hate – and actually treat others the way we’d want to be treated. And any crime is a hate crime. (Play it out and you’ll see.) Enough said.

Let’s ban sin – I know we all sin. But when we realize it and confess it to the person we offended or wounded, and to God – letting Him know we were wrong; we can get back on track. (I know it hurts to say that…but let’s grow up and take responsibility!)Are you as tired as I am with those who call themselves Christians, and in the name of Christ make demands that are ungodly, hurt others on purpose, are dishonest, lying, cheating (on taxes, in the grocery store, on their spouse) and whatever else they think they can justify? And they/we do justify the sins we’re committing. It usually shows itself as “blame.” Just listen carefully when you hear it.

What is wrong with all of us these days? We’re majoring on the minors. Let’s get back in the game and get busy with what matters.

What word matters to you that would you like to ban?

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