“I’m Struggling” (WOW! Write.On.Wednesday! Reading time: < 2 minutes)



When do YOU hear those words? When do you say them; and what do you mean when you say, “I’m struggling?”

I’ve been observing in myself and in others I/we mentor or talk with and it seems that often (while it can be a simple and minor decision to be made) it can also be a pretty sure case of SIN….

  • “I’m struggling in a relationship.”
  • “I’m struggling at school.”
  • “I’m struggling to make a decision.”
  • “I’m struggling…..”

Take some time to take it back to the root…and see if it’s just a “dilemma” or if it’s a SIN that you aren’t dealing with that has you in a place of “STRUGGLING” ~


  • To make strenuous effort against opposition
  • To proceed with difficulty or with great effort
  • Endeavor
  • Attempt
  • Try
  • Contest
  • Strife

Does this sound like it fits the situation in which you’re struggling? Can you trace it back to a simple decision or dilemma or is it sin related? If it’s a dilemma, then seeking counsel, praying through the process of decision making, asking for help, and taking some positive steps forward in the decision making process is a relatively easy (even if the issue is a challenge) process.

HOWEVER, if it’s SIN….get on your knees and ask the Lord to forgive you, ask the person(s) involved to forgive you, and STOP DOING THE SIN. If you’re not willing to stop, you’ll continue to struggle, and after a while, people really aren’t going to want to hear about it.

Phonies keep failing. The “real deal” deals with it. I hope each of us will make the right choice.

Still struggling?



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