IS IT ABOUT MY SIN OR YOUR OPINION? (WOW! Write.On.Wednesday! Takes < 2 min. to read)

Not everyone agrees with everything we do. I’ve come to take things people say and put it through the filter of: “Is what they are saying to me about my sin or are they sharing their opinion?” That keeps me focused. I hear what they say and pray about it; if it’s a sin that I didn’t recognize or own up to then I need to do so. If it’s their opinion I seek the Lord for whether I need to heed their advice (perhaps they are His instrument to show me something I need to consider) or move on in what God has for me….then I rest. I can’t be burdened by others opinions – I’d be all over the place and not where I believe God wants me.

As unfortunate as it is, when we step out to do what God created us to do, we might be met with criticism – sadly sometimes from fellow Christians.  In our heart we set out to serve God by using the gifts He’s given and while there are many who will commend us there will be a handful of people who didn’t like something because it wasn’t their style, or preference, or the way they would do it.

I remember once writing someone a letter of encouragement to which the recipient said, “I didn’t think you were sincere in your letter.” It made me recognize and realize that we’re not called to serve God in a win or lose situation, but to use the gifts and talents He’s given whether we’re commended or criticized.

We can appreciate the opinions of others most of the time, but we must to remember that we can’t let everyone sway us with them.

Those are just my opinions…and now you can filter them.

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