My Idea of an ldeal Friend – WOW! (Write on Wednesday! takes < 2 min. to read!)

Ferrini Special Needs Cards 6My father-in-law used to say that if we end this life with just 5 (he’d hold his hand up and count on his fingers) friends, we’re most blessed. But in a day and age where we have hundreds and even thousands of “friends” on social media, we have to wonder what real friendship means to each of us.

Social media (for me) is so much fun. I love it! I feel connected to old and new friends and enjoy hearing what they’re doing! But there is nothing quite like a FACE TO FACE friendship. Consider what you want from a friend as I share what qualifies as “and ideal friend” for me:

  • Has a good sense of humor – laughing with me; not at me. Finds humor in everyday life – both in the struggles and victories.
  • Knows when to be serious and when to lighten things up.
  • Willing to listen to my day and ask questions about the routine and usual things, without getting weary.
  • One who will take the initiative to “draw me out” when I might find it is easier for me to hide.
  • Available when I have a “real” need. Shows up without being asked to meet a need and knows when to leave to give space.
  • Will walk with me through challenges and struggles not just fun times.
  • Helps me sort through goals and dreams – keeping me realistic without bursting my bubble.
  • Encourages me to succeed.
  • Sorrows with me when I fail or grieve.
  • Keeps me accountable in my walk with the Lord – willing to call me on things I’m not doing right…in a loving way confronts me when needed. Holds me to a biblical standard.
  • We bond spiritually – know, love, and serve Christ.
  • Enjoy the special-ness of our friendship but are not exclusive.
  • Prays for me and my family.
  • Understands that I want to be the same for them in all of the above ways, but that we will both fail at times…and that we’ll offer each other grace and forgiveness – as often as needed.

I do believe I have a “handful” of these friends. They are treasures to me. I hope you can name 5 friends that you can count on and that can count on YOU!


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