I DON’T FEEL LIKE IT! (WOW! Write.On.Wednesday.)


Sometimes I don’t feel like doing a lot of different things, like making dinner, doing laundry, talking to someone on the phone, or a multitude of things that simply must get done. I often have to muster up the energy and say to myself, “JUST DO IT!”

Prayer, though not one of my household duties, is equally as difficult sometimes. It’s a spiritual duty and discipline and I know the importance of it because I’ve seen answers and results of prayer. For that reason, I must pray even when I don’t feel like it. It is a discipline as much my household chores are but so much more valuable and important.

Oswald Chambers said, “Prayer is not preparation for the work, it is the work.” (His Utmost for My Highest) Prayer is often the last resort but should be the first thought. Prayer is where our decisions are made and our “next steps” determined. Prayer is where we seek the Lord for approval and direction regardless of our own plans.

The quiet closet of prayer is where ministry leaders are lifted up, where families are embraced and cared for and where our connections to the Creator are made. All that the Lord gives us to do….needs prayer support. May we see prayer as the WORK – not just the preparation for the work….and then do it – whether we feel like it or not!


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READING TIME: 1.5 minutes….so you can get busy doing something else! 🙂


Sadly, I am guilty of procrastinating. And I usually KNOW when I’m doing it!

Yes, when I feel frustrated, not meeting my goals, when I find myself wasting time, missing deadlines, or I’m feeling less productive….I’m usually procrastinating. That feeling of, “I don’t want to do ‘that’, but I need to do to ’that’, but then I don’t” – or I find something else to do. I can identify those feelings and frustrations that go with procrastination, and I can as easily identify what happens when I stop procrastinating and start getting down to business.

I know if I’m PRO-active (rather than, PROcrastinating) I’ll take action on things I’m avoiding and as I continue doing that, life starts to come to order, my goals will be met, I’ll even have more free time, my tasks will be completed, my to-do list will be checked off, and I’ll feel more productive. In generaly, I feel better!

I have a lot of things I “say” to myself to justify procrastination, but in reality that “justification” is just a nice way of saying I’m making excuses. Join me as we evaluate whether we’re PROcrastinating or PROactivating:

If you say:                                                                  Then try this:

I dont’ have time                                                        Spend 30 minutes on it

I dont’ like doing it                                                    Do one thing you like, one you don’t

It takes too long                                                         Time it – you’ll be surprised

I’ll do it later                                                                Do it during your “prime time” of day

I’ll put it away later                                                   Put it away now – your done

Only I can do it                                                           Instruct/teach others how to do it

I don’t want to do it                                                  Delegate, barter, hire

I don’t want to start it                                             Work 30 min. each day ’til done

Something else is more important                    Re-evaluate/Reprioritize

It must be done my way                                        Get a life! That’s only in movies.

So….now that I FINALLY have this blog done, I can cross it off my list. I feel good. What will you get busy and do today!? Dont’ procrastinate!