Maybe it’s just me, but I’m watching people making all kinds of weird and wrong choices. I’m not saying this to get my way about something I’m simply observing some really silly and foolish things!

I know (in at least a few of these instances) these people are being directed and helped by others who are giving good counsel – but they just don’t want to hear or apply it. Yikes.  Proverbs 26:11 seems to apply here, “Like a dog that returns to its vomit is a fool who repeats his folly.” I can’t think of a better word picture than that one!

None of us will “get” everything right in this life, but when we consistently make poor choices we need to stop and take inventory and ask ourselves, “So, which way am I headed if I make this choice?” The funny thing is this….in a few instances when I’ve turned the discussion table around and asked them how they would help me (or their children) decide (a similar situation like they are dealing with) they give the right answer! But when it comes to their situation, it just doesn’t apply the same way. They just want what they want. That is frightening.

Maybe this little thought today will jump start us to ask ourselves, “Which way am I headed?” in a way that will give a well considered answer that looks to the past for past mistakes as well as good choices, is honest in the present to honestly evaluate, and thinks ahead to what will happen in the future because of that decision.

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